Mottisfont Abbey: Soundscapes of the Past and Present

‘Soundscapes of the past and present’  is an installation based event at Mottisfont Abbey in Romsey, England,  that address’ the lack of focus on the natural environment and all it has to offer. By re-designing the ‘Welcome to Mottisfont’ leaflet I have created a new ‘Soundscape Walk’. On this walk you are able to experience different locations with a heightened emphasis on what your hear. At each of the locations there is a TV screen set up that plays a live feed from a sound recording device within the local vicinity, on the TV screen is a live video of a spectrogram that represents the real-time soundscape, allowing people to visually distinguish the various sounds they hear.

The walk ends at the Gallery/ House entrance allowing people to experience the contrast between the landscape and the building.
As you enter the gallery you walk into the lobby where, you will find on the wall in front of you images and information on the Meinertzhagen’s with a particular focus on Richard. Here you will also find a brief explanation as to which room corresponds to which soundscape.

The Gallery on the second floor of Mottisfont Abbey is divided into five rooms, each one a different soundscape. Each room has speakers playing a live audio feed from its specified location. These rooms will have no visual reference to their soundscape, but are accompanied by the words of the man who inspired the installation, Richard Meinertzhagen. On the walls of each room there will be quotes that reflect the soundscape as closely as possible helping to notate the sounds they hear and build an image in their mind. The text will start at the entrance to the room and spiral clockwise around the walls. This is to encourage the listener to move around the room and experience the sounds from all angles.


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