What is interior design?

“The interior may not be the inside of a room but an interior which is in relation to the persons inhabitation of that room, space or landscape.”

(Attiwill, S. 2007. p.4. para 4)

As Attiwill suggests, interior design is about the relationship between interior space and those who inhabit it. An individual’s experience of interior space always reflects their memories and imagination, as well as their unique sense of interiority.

Everything you understand about an interior is based on how it relates to you as an individual. On entering an interior the individual will attempt to locate himself or herself within it physically and metaphysically. The individual notes the locations of objects within the interior and judges the space based on its match or discord with their own identity.

As interior designers we have the opportunity to not only shape spaces but also people’s perceptions of them. As Attiwill said, “Each an example of the power of interiors; that by manipulating space and spatial conditions we have the power to change the way that people see the world. ” (Attiwill, S. 2007. p.7. para 1)

What is interior design? Interior design is an opportunity to shape the world we live in by changing individuals’ perceptions and understanding of interiority.


Attiwill, S. (2007). Thinking Inside The Box: What’s in a Cannon? Retrieved from the website: http://www.interiorsforumscotland.com/page6.htm


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